JR (28/06/90 / Sheffield)

Her Extinction

One eye awoke to a new sight
A reflection of reality
There before me, stood a girl drained
An identity fading into nothing
Those facial colours began to run
They ran scared, frightened of tomorrow
Then it blends mixing into a tiresome grey
Dilated pupils lay motionless cursing
Like fingers pointing the blame
Once those cheeks had bloomed
Bloomed such an intensive pink
A pink that no photo could edit
Unique beauty once lied
A lock of hair once shone
Shone so brightly the sun quivered
Life had rocked features into nothing
Taken away its appeal and replaced dullness
Physically betrayed she now felt
The reflection showed a girl
Fading into extinction

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Comments (1)

Your cramming a lot of impact into each of your self-contained lines makes this a powerful piece of writing. Good subject matter, too. (Two little things: I think it should be 'awoke' in the first line. And I don't understand the line about breath.)