Her Eyes

Poem By Robert Mazzacone

There is something about her that not everyone can see;
But the first time I laid eyes on her they stared straight into me.
Painted of a lavish green they looked me in the face,
A sense of their hidden mystery made me coast right into space.

It wasn’t just their beauty though, it was something else;
They showed a side of innocence and the way she felt.
For every glance and every stare showed her feelings at the time,
All explaining why she wasn’t just another dime.

Inside her eyes lie all of her dreams and desires;
Just as a child when wishing on a star at a camp fire.
You could see all her ambition that lied throughout her face;
Surely, one day she would become someone great.

So as I sat there smiling at all of her beauty and all her grace;
It became clear then and there that she was the perfect chase.
All that was left was to hope dreams could become a reality;
How lucky a man must be to have her, and her eyes.

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You write well...keep writing. thank you...

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