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Her First (C) 2-2-10
CT (8/25/93 / Buffalo, New york)

Her First (C) 2-2-10

A new man, but the same testosterone as every man
This one was a little more motivated with a heavy plan
But it was unbeknownst to her and he kept it that way
He talked to her different I guess, just other words he would say
She just wanted to be loved instead of looked at like a hit and run prospect
But it seemed like he had a different kind of engine and never wasted a second
Wasn’t in a hurry maybe there’s another she reckoned and decided maybe to step in
Her heart was much too weak
Her feelings much too deep
For her to feast with a creep
That probably had every girl on his street
The way he spoke to her was urban Shakespearean
It was crisp and mellow, a nice tender voice that left her weary and
He was smooth so his gift of gab was just his game
In her heart she needed someone but knew he was the same
He came up with the weirdest expressions and funniest lines
She was fine with him but it most likely will last a short time
Because she didn’t wanna give it to anyone yet
Because nobody met the criteria she set
She had a list of no-nos uh-uns and certainly nots
She didn’t want him to shine through like curtain free spots
It’s been awhile for them together no longer an intruder alert
A little defenses but she liked that he didn’t exclude her efforts
Maybe he’ll be ok but I still can’t have an attachment
He probably wants me to work clean cook and dispatch rent
Tired of her constant nagging he said I guess you’ve never seen
Someone want to cater to your every needs and treat you like a queen
Why do women want a perfect man but when its one on the scene
That wants to treat them like a queen they’re always treatin us mean
And when I try to talk and hold you, you push me away
You took me the day and you won’t even look me into my face
Come over here I want you to hear me when I say this
And precision’s the key, so this I won’t say quick
He got her so that she would sit forwards
And he whispered in her ear just four words
He paused for a few seconds and said lady I’d hug you
She clinched him tight and he whispered again Baby, I love you

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Comments (2)

Very good. Treat them like a queen and the queen in them will answer. Strong. Nicely written.
Awh, i like it. Very creative. Well written.