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Her Future

Wide eyes begin to remember
With childlike astonishment

Maybe now she’ll remember my name
And that the floor is not for sleeping

She opens her mouth and then—

…She looks away and mumbles something about the August sun.
It is mid-February

She is gone
I’ve lost her

This is my grandmother’s present and future
Perhaps it will be my mothers
Maybe mine

Most days aren’t like this.
Most days she can take care of herself
And even when she gets my name mixed up she knows who I am
Always busy, always doing something.

But today…

They say it isn’t Alzheimer’s
Or Dementia
As though this were some sort of miracle

It doesn’t change anything
It doesn’t bring her back

We sit around making helpful comments
Change your routine
Lower the medication
Eat more vegetables

They don’t change anything either

This is my grandmother’s future
And there is nothing I can do.

by Chandra Hohmann

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