Her Heart Is Like A Rainbow!

Yes, her heart is like a rainbow God set upon the sky,
For here we see such colours flow, like twinkles in each eye!
Resplendent smiles transmit such joy that viewers stare amazed!
That's why she's liked by every boy and by each man she's praised!
When love begins to weave its spell to catch you unawares,
There's just no way that you can tell despite a million prayers...
Love strikes you like a thunderbolt - then suddenly you're caught!
Your heart is racing like a colt! She fills your every thought!
You hang upon her every word - a doting devotee!
Romance is kindled, hopes are stirred and even poetry!
They say that true love conquers all! It's friendly all the time!
You'll not find out until you fall... Like rainbows, love's sublime!
True love has secrets all its own to teach us tenderness...
One smile can melt a heart of stone, its emptiness to bless!
That's why her smile has magic, too, that only lovers sense...
To channel upbeat thoughts to you and all who are her friends...
There is no star that shines above to match her majesty!
So speaks the heart that's filled with love and knows its mystery!
Somehow she changes everything! It's magic, so it is!
Or could it be just the hoping for one teeny-weeny kiss?

by Denis Martindale

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