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Her Home
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Her Home

Poem By Elsa Bear

photos line her walls
posters, pictures, postcards
torn, ripped, cut, stuck.
finally it feels like home.
she lays on her bed, takes a deep breath
and cries.
what is it? where is it?
poems, songs and stories
sing through her broken mind
words, lyrics and melodies
whisper from her berry stained lips
misery, pain and tears
echo through her soul.
her body is tired
her mind is fractured
her heart is broken.
tell her you care.
tell her you love her.
don't say it post script
don't say it in a letter,
or a postcard.
say it to her face
hold her
dry her tears
stroke her hair
but don't hurt her again.
she's still so young.
a child.
memories line her walls.
she tries to look to the future
but is stuck questioning the past.

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