HW (Too long ago / Albert Pike Hospital)

Her Humongous Jughernaught Pair

Men could not believe their desirous eyes!
This was the ultimate coveted testosterone prize.
She had the most unbelievable pair!
Males would just dumbfoundly stare.
Rendered inarticulate.
Their fixated brains became only so much useless particulate.
Salivating tongues would hang over their pulsating lips.
Men's minds otherwise went into total eclipse.
Animal urges they could not stem.
Some wanted to hold and caress them.
Others longed to smother them in endless kisses.
Spending an eternity in pleasurable reminisces!
She was not at first aware
Of so many a masculine glare.
Later, ill at ease,
So many males she did visually please.
One guy's glasses seemed to melt
Over how he heatedly felt!
Her priest was in constant confession.
Mental joy overload caused his eventual endless depression?
She seemed to bounce when she walked.
Even other jealous women about this talked!
A slumbering Sasquatch male
Was rumored to be awakened by her vibration on the Richter scale!
Her back pain
Led her to the surgery option to entertain.
She was on this desperate track
Until she learned they could be larger if they freakishly grew back?
Finally, coming to terms and being absolutely discrete -
She would simply learn to live with having really shapely big feet!

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