Her Innocent Smile

I never knew what did she mean?
Was her yes a gesture or win?
I picked the message from distant land
She must remain more than a friend

I have observed her innocent smile
She has elegant and different style
May be she is more than a woman
I must exactly prove myself the true man

She may have her own ideas
About freedom, appeal and peaceful pleas
I may know her with passage and time
To loose her in haste may be unpardonable crime

Do you hear o, young aspirator
You are wonderful gift from creator
I may not last long till the end
Let some more time with beautiful flowers be spent

She has burning desire and ultimate aim
She may sometimes come in open and claim
Many souls need no claps from other people
As they are within their rights and really capable

I wish to be so near
As it seems she is very dear
She is fearless and stormy wind
But at the same time very kind

She has beating heart
And that is beautiful art
One may claim to be very smart
But to live with it is really commendable part

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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i once was a victim of innocent smiles soI can understand the confusion as to what it means thannx 4 sharing my deepest emotions\
I wish to be so near As it seems she is very dear
Carolyn Hopkins H, I cried while reading this poem. It is absolutely powerful, lovely and so heart-felt. 4 minutes ago · Like · 1 person