Her Irresistible Pearls

Once again reticent as the tide
Behind her own, lines as prophesied
She draws back in a retreat like a sea
Forever called homewards, invitee.
She'll make landfall & then disappears
Leaving behind a single gritty tear
That never dries until her return,
Lured back by the moons calling, Nocturne.
Music so thrilling, she just longed to stay,
And nuzzle every curve and bay.

In your beauty, you had come to stay
Washed ashore from far away
As I waited for you
To be the love of my life—to come, to me
I heard a cry no more yearning to go
Than before;
So far away you seemed to me
A distant, cry, unheard to be
Until I looked for myself, so far away, from me
I saw only you, —in me.

Outwardly my appearance glows moonlike
Naked as the day, I left my Mother's womb,
You were more than just some distant shore;
You shone like a fog light a burning coal,
A floodlight cinder in my soul
Your inner beauty a glowing white pearl
You transformed, internally my whole-wide-world.

In my maternal Mother
I wait for my life to be
My Mother please comes back to me
I wait for you, —in me.
You were always alone
Left for me to comb & search
I was always-the-one
With you, to one day be.
Now no longer alone
As you leave me to me
Alone, without you in me
I find myself in love, clinging firmly
To him, I'll never-leave-again.
That fathered my heart gave back my soul.

By Nutan Sarawagi & Mark Andrew Heathcote

by Mark Heathcote

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