(March 19,1955 / Fayette, Alabama)

Her Ladyship

From the battleship of life
Shes collected some wounds.
But she said the scars will heal
When God enters the room.

I asked about her patience
And her immense grace for humanity.
She said You've got to love anyhow
It helps keep your sanity.

I wondered to myself
If I'd ever make the grade.
Ladyship said Yes I could
But I had to be saved.

You'll be drug down
And sometimes knocked about.
But child keep your head up
Push harder without a doubt.

Royalty doesn't come easy
First someone must win the crown
Don't think lifes battles are over
Just because you're heaven bound.

I looked into her face
To see what I could hear.
And this is what I saw
As Her Ladyship dropped a tear.

Captured by society
Cultivated by her wounds.
Created by God almighty
Grateful to see Him soon.

I saw in her eyes
The roses of time.
I heard from her lips
Sweet wisdom so sublime.

I looked at her hair
And knew what she'd been through.
For her countenance glistened
Like new fallen dew.

Oh I've seen her hands work.
Creating blessings great and small.
Then still she goes on
Sometimes with no thanks at all.

Shes always considerate
Never saying she doesn't have time.
I thank God everyday
For Her Ladyship is mine.

by Cecelia Weir

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