All With The Truth

Blood, blood,
Truth, truth,
All with the truth.

Flash of thoughts,
The pursuit of the mind,
All exist, all insist.

Here I am
Gradually attaining

Desire, see,
I completely abandoned.

No one can measure
My poetry and me
With anything.

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Comments (30)

Deep and elegantly crafted in verse with rhythmic splendour. Lovely and amazing use of words. Thanks for sharing.
Thank you for reading! ! ! We still miss her! But God blessed her family with her presence for so much longer than expected
I wondered if today would be a dingy gray day ...This day that was always a relentlessly coming day When her poor worn-out body would be carefully carried ...And under the cold and muddy ground be buried.......heartrending expression. Touchingly penned. Thanks for sharing.
Of course, you're welcome and I look forward to reading more by you! About my pen name... It came to me out of the blue a few weeks back and seemed to suit my inner climate well, so I went with it. Glad you think it's interesting - I do plan to stick with it and see what happens :)
Compellingly sad, but sometimes people need towed into dismal reality through brave poets such as yourself.
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