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Her Life
KX (March 27 / Long Island, NY)

Her Life

Poem By kathryn _xo

Her life is like hell
she cant take it no more
she needs to escape
why can't everything be easy like before?

every night
every day
she cuts herself
to make the pain go away

home isn't safe either
she feels so cold and alone
she just needs a friend
or someone to call her own

her emotions just take control
tears always stream from her eyes
life is just not easy
every night she breaks down and cries

but one day shes had enough
she goes to the bathroom
she grabs the razor
and plots her doom

the voices in her head are saying
'grab the knife, grab it! '
she hits her head to make them go away
she hates dealing with this ****

life is just too hard
life is full of pain
staying alive
is driving her insane

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