Her Little Doll

Very real, very cautious, very pretty
Mostly played with, Mostly kissed, Mostly outdone
That little girls doll, she loves very much
Oh so very much, hugging her tight

Crying here, Crying in her room, Crying everywhere
Looking under the bed, in the closet, under the tree and below the shining sun
Where is my doll, my precious lovable thing she asks
Oh so lost, so very lost it is

Not Sleeping, never sleeping, not at all
Daydream, dreaming, staring out the window
Wondering, dreading and still crying
Fearing the doll is oh so lost, oh so lost forever and she, alone at her room

Time passes by, time goes on, and till she grows
Three years pass by, every doll seems old and others very old
Still her lovable doll is really nowhere at all to be found
She disregards her others, but still really wonders about it, it was never found, never found...

Sitting on the grass, sitting under the sun in the garden
Looking up to see how the sun smiles, smiling with it, letting it shine
She then goes to her dark wooded room, and checks and sees an old chest
Open wide with a golden key, her blue eyes wide open with joy...
she found her lovely little lovable and sweet little....doll.... :)

by August de Leon

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A splendid job is done, moving composition, love it,10+