Her Loss

If its writin time, im writin..
If it aint your time, Its mine then.
Trip out the heart breaks, you dish out
my heartaches.
Im listing your mistakes,
making more mistakes
Analyzin outtakes
Believin the love fakes.

Believin your trash,
while you makin a dash.
Thought the door wouldnt open,
but it closed,
now im chokin..
You gone, i miss it
Im high, reminiscin..
The life.. we had,
the thought we shared..
our love that we made,
The love that you traded...
Im dead now, im lost
My friends say..
her loss.

They say im great,
they say i
need a remake..
the album needs retakes
but my memories,
they replay.

Replay the outtakes,
the mistakes,
the heartache,
the love that we made
the love you helped

You obviously lied to me,
I obviously tried too hard
to be me.
That means..
You told me what
i wanna hear..
not what was meant to be
I heard what i wanted here...
And this is how its gonna be.

by Houston Needham

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WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, you said it all great, keep up