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Her Loving Heart
(July 14,1982 / Los Angeles, California)

Her Loving Heart

Her loving heart
She had to share it
Soon came the day
I couldn't bear it

She let me go
Before she could hurt me
She loved me so
Those days now escaping

She's taught me much
About falling in and out
To love only one like such
Is selfish without a doubt

She taught me how to feel new pain
To know what it is and appreciate its absense
And that true love can be brief and not in vain
It's only still sad if it stays in the past tense

Neglected friends may need love too
Do not forget them if you find love anew


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I don't know much about reading poetry, but if I had to comment on this poem I would say that, well I like it a lot and possibly you should have made the poem a little bit longer