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Her Mesmerising Smile

I couldn’t sleep whole night
Something with my heart was not right
It haunted me all the while
It’s her mesmerising smile.

Those luscious red lips
Those striking white teeth
Her face has got its own style
Because of her soothing smile.

I have become her admirer
I wouldn’t mind marrying her
I am her desert, she is my Nile
Will she flow in me with her smile?

It has somehow touched my heart
Thrilled is my body’s every part
I want to live in a lonely isle
With just her and her smile.

Dedicated to a girl who has got a beautiful smile.
Rdnr 17/7/06

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hey vikram... lubna here... hope u guys rmbr me... preeti datar hi there to u you too...
Vikram....... I really do like the style you maintain with your words..... this was beautiful.
Liked this poem. Those pearly whites get me every time! ~Amber~ only with a smile.....cute....and so emotional..... ...but do guys actually think that way? Preets