Her Mint Blue Eyes And A Little Less Milk For Tea

Pleads her mint blue eyes
Thank you for the patting touch
If I crave for a saucer of milk
Would that be asking too much?

Of course you have the right to ignore
And throw my way a vacant stare
Signing me to move away from door
Pretending there's no milk in Frigidaire!

But I beg you to act humanly
Be ethical and firmly fair
If you got some milk for your tea
Surely you've some for me to spare!

Parting a few drops wouldn't make you poor
My blessings would give you manifold back
You would feel far happier and I'm sure
Sky won't fall if your brew is more black!

Well if you still ignore I would move away
With dignity I would leave your ground
But don't blame me when comes the day
You feel a void and I'm not around!

by Pradip Chattopadhyay

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Comments (2)

Great poem, Pradip. Surely we can spare a little milk for such a faithful companion.
Meow! Are you the house cat?