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Her Name Was Julie
VKN Vimal Kumar N (september 24 1985 / Chennai)

Her Name Was Julie

A winter night amidst of fog,
I walked along the lonely street,
my shadow was my company,
hit a tin with my foot,
it rolled around like my unsure life,
darkness was bit too intense,
silence added more to the suspense,
the moonlight penetrated through the trees,
and just fall on her face,
her eyes were in the mid of some everlasting dream,
she was freezing and her lips so dry,
she seemed like traveling to her eternal sleep,
i just wanted to wake her up,
i held her tight in my arm,
into my jacket she felt bit warm,
her silence became more calm,
even in that dim moon light,
i could see her cute brown eyes,
more of innocence and more cuteness,
her eyes were full of love and peace,
i took her back to my home sweet home,
the whole night she slept in my hug,
i woke up by her morning kisses,
her name was Julie,
and was my first puppy.

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