Writers Need To Say.

Writers are assaulted in many ways.
They are persecuted, whipped, tortured,
Incarcerated, exiled and murdered.
It is a case in democracy too.

Freedom of speech is the freedom to say
What you intend to, though hated by some.
Those who never hurts others' sentiments
Needs no freedom of speech from anyone.

Writers wage war not against the rulers;
They write against the fundamentalism.
They write against rites and superstition.
They write against oppressive tendencies.

If someone dislikes what I have averred
He must counter it by words and not swords.
I have right to say which you don't like though.
Writers need to say some don't like to hear.

by Rm.Shanmugam Chettiar.

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You are living in a different world from mine. But I can (more than) enjoy it vicariously and without the problems. (I'm a coward) .