RM (5/17/89 / Grand Forks)

Her Only Clothes, Are The Falling Snow

III. Her Only Clothes, Is the Falling Snow

Staring blankly into a photo of a girl I'll never know
I'm looking forward to getting stuck out in the snow
So I can meet her in my uncurious state of mind
Where she will be only and only mine
I hope to die tonight
So I can see her from heaven
Because that is the only view that seems right

On days, mostly around the week
I tremble, I shake and sometimes I walk along a road
Kicking pebbles and singing out for something to seek
The wind along my wrists, is the only thing I have to hold
So in turn, I walk along the curve, and watch the cars pass by
All there faces look the same, forever stuck inside a picture frame
She's driving a car, she’s jogging long the street, and she has a heart I just can't hear it beat
I can't give you my reason, but I can fully explain my pleading
I'm reading you like a book, you have my heart you damn crook, Hold on tight to it because it's the best part of me

In this moment, frozen in a moment I'll never get back
I walk right up to you from across the hall
I'm shaking at the knees, I'm about to crack
I don't care, just to have you I will crawl
The lights dim, the world turns black
There's a spotlight towards my chest
All the hearts in the room have stopped and ours are not like the rest
They beat. Only our hearts are alive
I step to your face; everything around us is a reflection of us
The song picks up; the room is one pounding beat
I walk up closer, look towards my feet
I'm sweating an awful lot, and it ain't the heat
My love for you has become an inferno of lust
Boiling, waiting to erupt
The moment has come; I need to speak at last
I take you hand, It's in my grasp
The lights pound down on me, I look into your eyes

II. Numb Confession

“I love you'
I'd give up breathing just to kiss you once
I'd kill everyone in the world so I could see you from any place
I'd pull down the moon! I'd cover the sun!
Just to look forever into the crystals beaming from your face

Your eyes are diamonds, a priceless gift
If you look down on the indention of your hand, along with mine you see they fit
We belong to each other, our hearts are in half
And that's because they belong together
You’re perfect, from your toes to your eyelash
I need you in my life; you’re the only thing that could make it better
I need you now, more then ever

She looks toward me and a tear rolls down her cheek
Her face, It's resembles a majestic creek
She parts her lips, Puts one hand on her hip and looks forward to me
Her mouth closes and opens something magic is trying to set free
Her face glows as she leans in

“I feel the same way that you do; I just can’t put it the same way as you
But I hope to the god’s above, that this kiss can fully explain my love”

I. Snow Falls

And our tongues dance, our lips press, and the fading world goes away
Along a snowy sidewalk, remembering the magic of yesterday
Snow falls, Snow Falls
We take a long walk on down the road
Love letters,70 minute phone calls
Oh when I’m with you, it could be O Degrees but I won’t be cold
With you it could be raining hard, But as long as we are heart to heart
I will not let it get me
And on this sidewalk, we leave the past and move on forward
After years of my parents complaing about morals
I guess it worked, because now I found the perfect girl
The only one, who understands me in this world
On this snowy sidewalk, We kiss and romance like ghosts
We both learn what matters most
It’s the touch of someone’s face after a snowflake lands
The salty tear of someone so happy that they cry in the winter
The frozen moment when they kiss
Snow Falls, Snow Falls
And we walk away, in sweet sweet bliss

by Ray Mesa

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this is one of the best and most deep poems i have ever read, i really enjoy it and i can really relate to the emotions expressed in it, the dropp and pick up in pace is exilerating i feel like i was with you myself, im not just saying this, this is one of my favorite poems ever man truly magical Patrick