Her Other Name

He called her by her other name
The one so few knew
No one used
But she

It had a softness to it
No right angle edges
Only puffs of perfume
Clinging to it's simplicity

It stayed on his tongue
Melting like a lemon drop
And it's taste transfered
With his every kiss

There was sunlight in it's syllables
Tied up in lace and lavender ribbons
His voicing her name
Caused her tired soul to dance

He handled her name with care
Some fine artifact from an ancient time
He placed it on his heart's mantle
Polished it with loving hands

She answered to his call
His every wish she longed to fill
The mummering, muttering of her other name
Enough to make her breath brand new

It spoke of strength, a hidden silhouette
Of a time long gone, but still, there, somewhere
She gave him that, for his plattered feasting
And now wonders if it's been swallowed whole.

by Susan Lacovara

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the fragrance of remembrance illuminates hearts' mantles -