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Her Perfume On A Pillow Fades

Cold rain
On an autumn morning,
I was alone by railroad tracks;
I smiled and wept
In the damp, lonely fog.

When I can’t remember
Your perfume
Or the bed where we slept,
I’ll probably be in a coffin
With nothing left to forget.

by Uriah Hamilton

Comments (6)

This describes a love that transcends everything else in life, even tho' it has ended. I can feel that rain...
Can't you be buried with her pillow Uriah, then you won't feel so lonely, will you? Beautiful but a little on the sad side. But I liked the storyline. Love Ernestine XXX
Somewhat morbid Uriah, but that should not detract from the fact that this is a very strong piece. I like how you have sectioned the piece into two stanzas, stating that they are a part but seperate. The word within the lines work very well.
Dylan could not have said it better. Extraordinary, Uriah. Sandra
Abstract on Romance...like this a lot, Uriah...Nice concept...Fne Penning... f.y.i.>back in the early 70's....there was this awesome rock group from Britain...my favorite for 3 yrs.....URIAH HEEP...And i have never heard the name Uriah until i saw it on line a couple months ago. '''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''fjr
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