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Her Presence
FS (23/05/1989 / Accra)

Her Presence

Poem By Francis Sampah

Her Presence

The moon makes way for the sun,
Its a brand new day.
A day hoped of joy, love and a feeling of satisfaction.
Satisfaction that will overwhelmingly be felt at her presence.

Why her presence, i ask?

The only time nervousness strikes me like a little child,
a child who wants nothing, except to see her smile.
Her smile that causes raindrops from the sky, touching every emotion, every sense, Bringing dead cells back to life.
Her motions and reactions are active.
Her kisses which devoured our dancing shades, reached the inner depth of my soul,
And with the invisible touch that she has,
Wraps each word, each syllable,
So as to plant seeds of growth,
And waters so to bare the fruit,
Unafraid to toil in the soil,
She always has her way......,

I say I need to go
I am tired
and her face
and her words
and her promises
will not let me

Her presence makes my heart race.

But i have a problem,
a doubt.
i feel i ask too much of her,
and she has never really said, how much she cares about me.
All she says is 'ME TOO'

Sometimes i feel she's............ but all know is, i do like her.
I dont think she is shy of me, but i do think, she's afraid to come up to me and give me a kiss herself.

I explain quietly, she responds in a loud voice,
i try to make a conversation(which am not good at around her) , lets go somewhere, she says.

but i no the solution to my doubt.
is her presence.

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