YV (2/3/92 / Puerto Rico)

Her Pt 2

How can i change the train of thought'
the way things were when we first talked,
All smiles no fights and my heart you caught,
Takinq a day at a time but still planninq our future,
I fell in love at first sight and my feelings were neutral,
But that changed in a moment well for you at least,
Cuz in my heart remained the feelinqs you belonged to me,
I was the one, yea that one, the only one you really needed,
Tryna win your heart was ma mission but i neva succeeded,
I crashed and burned im a failure at love,
For i lost you in war you were all I ever dreamed of,
Never thought the day would come when I would have to admit,
That the times I needed help you werent the one to guide me through it,
I can't help the way i feel so angry at times happy to other minds,
I know i'll never have you so im leavinq you behind,
Its like a storm takinq ova me with thoughts i cant control,
Like a child caught in a blizzard ma heart losts its soul,
What can i do? ? ? what can i say? ? ?
When I asked for to you come to me you wanted to play,
It hurts but wHat can i do,
I guess you didnt want me, that much is true,
You know you still got that friend to help you when you're down,
I wanna know if i got that friend to help me when I frown,
I got the tears inside my heart,
I stored you in a secret place right from the start,
Thinkinq you were the one for me,
I guess the illusion made me see what wasn't gon' be,
And I still followed you like a fool,
Maybe cuz' the way you was with me when we were in school,
The kiss you stole up in Ms. Rousseau's class,
A gift I wanted but thats all in the past,
When I held myself from letting my heart beat fast,
Always gettinq nervous around your presence,
Now I go around like I aint phased by your appearance,
Im basically just tryna say I still got love for you,
But not like I used to,
Its friendly love cuz we know alot about each other,
Well at the time when you didnt love another,
But I'm glad for you happy for you,
And though it hurts me what can i do? ? ?
Hopinq that you guys can keep it up,
But yea i got you, you got me, thats & thats wats up!

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