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Her Real Life Nightmare
AT Annie Tammelin (3: 01 a.m. / Hancock, MI)

Her Real Life Nightmare

She was crippled,
But only her insides were paralized,
She picked up the book of names that she was called,
And thats when she starts to realize,
That no one wants her here,
They stay far and never go near,
For she was a scrub,
Or so they said,
She had only enemies,
And never once had a friend,
She doesnt want to stay here,
She wants to get away,
That's when she starts to decide,
Maybe she'll kill herself today,
No one knows how bad she hurts,
No one tries to solve it,
They just make it worse,
She goes to the drawer and finds the razer with the sharpest tip,
She puts it to her wrists and watches her skin rip,
She watches the blood slowly drip,
She hits the floor
And starts to cry
The blood drips faster,
And she slowly starts to die,
This poem is not true,
I'm just saying that name calling does nothing for you,
It hurts feelings and breaks hearts
If you don't think before you speak, you should start

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