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Her Smile

Her Smile

Her smile would melt an angel's heart and cause his wings to still
And even cause true love to start and all his soul to thrill!
Her smile would put him to the test for she's as pure as gold -
For of all women she's the best that Man could ever hold!
Her smile transmits the joy of joys no other girl could match -
She has the gift none else employs! Yes, she's the perfect catch!
Her smile transcends both time and space, to see it makes men freeze!
Like statues staring at her face, they stand there full of peace...
Her smile defeats the saddest woes - condemns them to disperse,
Such that this vision overthrows all sins and every curse...
Her smile, spellbinding though it is, and wondrous to be sure...
Is only outclassed by her kiss... once kissed, there's no known cure!
Yet I would risk a thousand deaths if she would kiss my lips!
Till then my heart just revs and revs like tapping fingertips!

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