Her Soul Died

Poem By Ana Maria

She was alive,
but something inside her
...just died,
Her soul
in the deepest agonies
As when she closed her eyes
she could still see,
Him in front of her,
on his knee
Saying the oath of his life
To the woman,
he dreamed as
his wife.

Then when she was asked
whether she takes him
as her man,
She couldn't say
yes, so she
to run
into the arms
of her true love
so they can live together above
everyone's misery

Sill wears
her white wedding dress
she lay down
when the time has passed
and just knew
he was not coming anymore
she knew
that their love had tore
she knew
that if he would still be alive
he would have been there
for the love of his life.

She was alive,
but something inside her
just died...
He was dead,
and never got the women
that run away for him
as a bride.

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