Her Soul Faced The Light

The fire...
I watch it's serpentine smoke,
it's breath,
rise into the cold night
and fall again in an icy cloud
back to the ground...
held there in winters grasp
as it travels down the valley
and off into the moon's shadow.

It is quiet,
and she lays upon my sleepless thinking...
sweeter yet than any dreams
I have kept waiting, filling spaces
like spring after winters long sleep.

Were it mine to give,
I'd cast into the well her wish,
and we'd together watch it land
there upon the pennies she
left beneath the ice.

But though her soul faced the light,
her darkness, it came home...
it stole my sleep.
and now I lay awake,
filling places kept waiting
as dreams give way to night.

by J... Tudor

Comments (3)

You do have a very musical style J, and a wonderful way it is too. 10 from Tai
Wonderful title. Sensitive, compelling poem.Keep up the good work. Kindest regards, Sandra Fowler
Very enjoyable poetry - I hope for more!