Her Suicide

She sits in class
wondering what am i going to do
she talks to her friends
they say she needs to stop
when she goes home
she doesn't listen to her friends
picking up the razor
she presses hard
and starts to slice her wrist
making it deeper ther her other cuts
she picks up the phone and
calls her best friend
tears running down her face,
she begins to say...
'I am sorry...for what i have done...
today is the day....i have to go...i love you'
her friend hears the phone go dead
she started to cry and knew what she said was true,
that her friend died that day because
she cut to deep....
that was the day of her suicide

by Katie Huntress

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omg, that is one great poem, i have been reading most of the other suicide poems, but this is the one that i made the tears prick my eyes. i want to die as well, but i don't have the courage that this girl had... ami x