Her Sweet Voice

Thanks o, lord for passing the message
Done a great favor and managed
She was not to end dry spell
Now everything goes smooth and well

Flower the plant with o, mighty grace
Let her smile with beautiful face
What was I to read between lines?
She always occupied space in mind

I would not have known her better
But it was to take place and realize sooner
She has kind heart and mother’s will
It is always full with energy and filled

All women of land may be same
I have no guilt or feel shame
They are generous and truly suggestive
And at the same time unequivocally submissive

What else you need as quick response?
There is enough of trust and good sense
She has openly agreed for hidden wish
It is great to feel and urge for fine finish

I wish her to be really closely related
I have number of times expressed and indicated
Yet I feel she may be prisoner of conscience
And why not? She must live and think about presence

She may not fall back and stand like rock
I may remember her with first voice of cock
The cuckoo and other birds too may make noise
Yet I will be eager to hear her sweet voice

by Hasmukh Amathalal

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All women of land may be same I have no guilt or feel sham