Punished With Hateful Words:

Another soul is lost,
As hated words are spun around them,
Like a wolf would do to a gees.

Thrashing them harshly side to side,
The only thing that goes throw there mind is 'What had I done to deserve this? '
They had done merely nothing,
And are hated,
For as they were only trying to be themselves.
They were as innocent as could be,
And for being so,
They were punished by there peers.

Punished with hateful words,
Hate filled gazes,
Just plain hate

And, with theses' words,
I am trying to say to you.....
Come together. Everyone. So as to stop the bullying.
If we do, come together, then we might be able to save the lives that get punished everyday,
For as they were just trying to be themselves...

by Sherry Painter

Comments (32)

How musically the bee flows and the time follows it
Beautiful and insightfully brought forth.
This is beautiful poetry. Loved it.
well written. Ienjoy it most
Thank God some souls are able to express their pain in terms of sheer beauty, since I more often see, all around, our inner pain being outpoured as ugliness.
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