Her Words

she asked me,
“do you know the meaning of love?
do you really know the meaning of love? ”

she told me,
“it’s not in the words I LOVE YOU
or the lavish gifts you buy me
it is in the way we relate to each other”

she went on,
“it is in the way we argue
the way we agree or disagree
and make up at the end of the day,

it’s me and you holding hands
walking down the Nairobi streets
without a single care in the world”

she continued,
“love is me ticking you off intentionally,
you knowing…and putting up with me
even though I may act like a bitch…

it’s being there for each other
when the chips are down
laughing loudest…not giving a damn

it’s in the way you touch me
the way you kiss me…the way you whisper in my ear
oh! the way we cook the ngingi

so real…so pure…so sincere
this is the meaning of love
this is what me and you share…”
she concluded….

by Mike kwambo

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