Her Worries

Poem By Lana May Hamlin

She sits alone on the stormy night
Trying so had not to think of her fright
He was with her for so long
Their passion for each other grew so strong
They were always there for each other
She can no longer love another
She cannot live her life without him by her side
Her worries she can no longer hide
He is her strength, her life, her all
She sits around waiting for his call
The call that will tell her he’s doing fine, that he’s ok
Only then can she move on to a better day
A tear escapes and hurries down her cheek
As she thinks of him so frail, so weak
Lonely and stuck in a hospital bed
Her heart filled with love and dread
To be by his side is where she wants to be
Holding his hand until he can see
But the miles that separate them are so long
Yet their friendship has never been so strong
Everything they’ve shared is a secret treasure
And an unforgettable pleasure

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