Herald Heard The Hark

Herald heard the hark
After many many ages
herald heard his hark.
Afer eons his own song
listened to the lark.
Finally learned the teaching
of his own emphatic preaching...
Words from his own mouth
to his own soul did arc.
Not what was to him
obvious or unknown he taught
but what was them betwixt
His own soul's limit
Ideas which him transfixed.
What we ourselves should do
we project to them and teach
not what's within our grasp
but our aspiring reach.
Our whistles are what
we've attained
Our sung notes higher still
out of whistles' range
Past life butchers
are now vegan activists.
Prussian warriors
are 21st Century pacifists.
Mental patients.. some
are mystic saints..
Others were once timeclocking
Present dharma's past karma.
It's the key to our own hearts
which our eyes magnetize.


Angels sent
the therapist
a teacher
in patient guise
to bypass his ego


Beyond the
holiest of sleuths
Beyond the soothsayer
.. the sayer of sooth
Beyond all veils
and clouds dwells
God as Love
God as Truth


he and the sun do not preach
he and the river do not teach
sacred silent loving acts
are their only speech

dharma: Sanskrit for right action

by Saiom Shriver

Comments (1)

I like the isolation of key words. Like when you used the word 'touchstones'. It caught my attention and immediately helped me to understand what those 'ideas' really symbolized. 'Mental patients.. some are saints.. others were once timeclocking gatelocking electroshocking psychiatrists' My favorite part, I think. =D It showed the switching of roles... 'Sacred Silent Loving Acts Are Their Only Speech' This seemed the to sum up the entire message to me. This is just my enterpretation, however. But, I enjoyed this piece intensely.