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Herbs N' Planet Zone: A Po’um About Us

We met in the Forum
Mid two thousand and eight
Was ping pong in the evenings
rebuttals bouncing till late

strong cohesion grew later
twas when Herbs po'umed Planet
with just words as first steps
will you join now together?
though there be no demands
bond our glue with a feather
craft in each other's hands

And when her po'um hit the antlers
it was simply words souffléed
had a mind to play dismantlers
tit for tat and promenade.
Seldom do you find cohesion
of a strong and peaceful kind
yet this Austral-Teutonesian
mix is of a kindred mind.

So that came to be our imagery
we birthed labour
wonderful as

Herbs n' Planet Zone

We do not charge admission
but kindly ask...

please leave us comment,
(and thanks)
t'would be very grand!

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