Rambling Nose

Rambling nose, rambling nose
Where it goes, nobody nose
Oh I just hate my rambling nose
When I blow my rambling nose
It grows redder then a rose
Oh I just cant live
Without my nose
When I lean down to sniff a rose
A bee did bite and bloody my nose
Now I cant sniff with my rambling nose
My love for my nose just grows and grows
Rambling nose, rambling nose
I just love my rambling nose

by Allan James Saywell

Comments (11)

Absolutely love this unexpected piece of sheer unadulterated joy-in-life poetry! It makes me want to meet the wonderful woman in this poem! ! ! I have to treasure this!
Feelings are personal; Intimate and genuine; Thoughts are natural, fresh and candid; Meaning is profound and touching; Picture painted with all that is simply superb. Congrats for being the POD. X
Identity! ! That's who i wanted to be. Thanks for sharing.
Silly me. I'm in tears. What a perfectly formed piece of writing. I could see this picture so clearly and wanted to step in and smile. This is how poetry should be. Uncontrived, honest, beautifully put, welcoming, intimate and with a twist at the end to gather a smile.
Here is a beautiful poem of love and it is so interesting.The old age the beauty of life all is nice.
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