DH (Unknown. / )


maybe its the way that things dropp and fall..
the way you left me in the blue.
that scar you have across your arm.
the tears that you cry every night..
is it your way of release?

tell me my dear friend..
tell me your stories of hate and love.
tell me why you pretend,
with that happy face,
when your clawing your eyes out..

why is a friend always left blind and behind the scene.
when the true picture comes out, and in the showlight..

when you need me, i told you ill always be there..
and im here..
so let me in, show me your world.
theres nothing to fear,
im standing right here.
come out of the darkness,
and into my arms..
ill carry you on my bak,
till your away from hell,
and on your way to heaven.

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wow......that's a good poem