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Here Alone
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Here Alone

Poem By Madison Riley

So far away I can not touch,
Here alone I miss you so much,
In your time of need I was not there,
As my heart breaks now there is no compare,
To the pain you must have felt, I'm so sorry...
For letting you fade so easily from my memory.
Your embrace, your laugh, your smile once so bright.
Now have all begun to dim from my mind’s sight.
You were once my love, my life, my everything.
Now you are falling slowly away, quietly vanishing.
Slipping like sand from my finger’s caress,
I futilely grasp your nothingness.

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Comments (2)

I love the sand line. Like everything, once it is missing, so follows our memories. Never fret; Que sera sera.
You are a really strong writer. I know a certain someone who thinks you could be a writer just like he was...