Here And Now

Poem By Chel sea

I never knew so many emotions, as I do now
I feel every kind of one there could ever be
And yet I have no idea how I feel as of now
Everything I feel now, is because of you, you did this to me

I’m sick of feeling this way
I want it to all go far from here
The only way I get by is by living day-to-day
Oh, how I try to keep holding back a tear

I don’t want to do this anymore
I’m so f’ing sick of it
I want things like before
But I know that wont happen, not one bit

So here I am fighting this on my own
Keeping it all inside
Look at the life I’ve sown
All I do now is hide

Wishing that one day it’ll just disappear
But it wont if I keep it buried in the ground
I don’t want to be here
I don’t want this crap all around

You will see, I’ll get out of this rut
I’m strong enough to do this by myself today
I know this because of the feeling in my gut
Today’s the day to finally get away

Sooner or later I will have to face this
I can only keep in for so long before I implode and die
And all of it will only be real as I reminisce
Don’t ask questions, don’t ask why

This is my day to pick it all up and forget
No one can bring me down
But I never ever regret
All that’s been done, it’ll just not be here or around

I’m standing here only because of me
I made it out with no help from you
Look, how bright I am, please take a look see
I can stand here and be proud that I made it through

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