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Here And Now For M 'Lady Ernestine
IOI (7/4/1934 / Hebburn.Co Durham U.K)

Here And Now For M 'Lady Ernestine

I know a bank beside a stream.
Whereon the shy white violets grow
An Ideal place to sit and dream.

At least I know it used to be
but nothing ever stays the same
The world is changing constantly.

You can’t return to yesterday.
Though if you try then you will find
there is a price which you must pay.

If you are wise just stay away
retain your cherished memories.
It’s very different there today.

I could not even find the stream.
Instead a clutch of bungalows,
A cheap and nasty housing scheme.

I came away without delay.
I left as quickly as I could.
My cherished dreams in disarray.

I was a fool I should have known.
You can’t return to yesterday.
Far better leave the past alone.

Concentrate on the here and now
Where you can wield some influence
if circumstances will allow.

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Comments (2)

I visited this year the town where I grew up but it has changed so much that I would never return to live there again. One can only go forward in life, and backwards in ones memory. This is a delightful write and I loved reading it. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX
I very much enjoyed the lyrical flow of your poem, as well as the content. It's true that all we have left of yesterday is memories. Nice job.