- Here Be Dragons

In this land
In a corner of mind
Where a child once played
Now in ruins
a cemetery lays
each headstone marks
the passage of time
when an eerie wind chimes
names of
fallen heroes
damsels to rescue
villains to vanquish
and dragons to abolish

in this land
now lay
remnants in a battlefield
made of dried clay
of a war long since lost
fallen soldiers of tin
looking for their limbs
ravaged dolls
ragged and tattered all
broken toy trucks
eaten by rust
all victims of times ravages
never one’s foot
this way frays
where lies dreams
and fears
of a child
long gone

in this land
once green and lush
now filled with decay
lies the ruins
of imaginary play
where no room exists but
for work and pay
here lays
traces of the passage
of adulthood over childhood
on the way to the grave

in this land
once magical
now trampled over
with rational and logical
lies the fantasies
that once in a while
revive and visits in dreams
quickly forgotten the next day
traveler beware
lies the remains
of lost innocence
growing pains
and cowardly courage
to face the onslaught
of life
that each day claims
the soul of a child
long gone

in this land
Valley of shadows
and crows
here be dragons
that haunt to this very day
a child now grown
that no one but me
remembers and mourns

© ® All rights reserved

by Ronberge (anno primo)

Comments (2)

Here be dragons guarding the lost innocence and trampled dreams.. For in the time of fantasy dragons where seen as the agressor but they are now the keeper of the lost... Alison
Wow, That one put tears in my eyes. Very powerful. You an amazing poet. Very very good. Lylyanna