Here Comes Another Lonely Night

Poem By Brianna Townsend

Here comes another lonely night,
feeling like nothings ever right.
Always blaming it on the town,
she's on the verge of breaking down.

Wanting everything to be okay,
praying she'll make it through another day.
Trying her best to forget it all,
wanting to move but afraid she might fall.

All alone is how she feels,
the pain like a knife that kills.
Like noones out there to hear her cry,
she's all alone and keeps asking why?

The blades cutting deeper into her skin,
and she feels nothing once again.
She's sick of always crying,
but the pain inside, makes it feel like she's dying.

The memories never seem to go away,
they haunt her almost everyday.
She hugs the pillow really tight,
here comes another lonely night.

Comments about Here Comes Another Lonely Night

Ah man, i understand exactly what you mean! ! but don't worry, you will make it through! ! Somehow, you always do.Just keep writing because that way, you are healing! be strong!
I like your poem too much.It's great. I like your rhyme and your expressing words.Hope you do better & better. I'm waiting for more.
This poem is dedicated to the one who completely destroyed me. Stole my heart and everything. But out of all of it, he gave me the inspiration to write.

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