KS (9/10/1981-? / )

Here Comes December..

Here comes December
There goes sun
Snow comes undone
Echoing on my roof
I gave up my October for December
A bargain that pine wouldn’t mind.
Taken by wind
Kissed by mist
Abandoned by blue skies
Smoke rings in the dark sailing away
One after another glorifying themselves
Colorblind butterflies occasionally showing signs of existence.

Living on Coffee mixed with dreams
Some broken, some trodden under my feet
Walks, some long some bizarre timeless chants
Memories hanging from my head the same head filled with thousand veins
A glass full of nothing waiting for attention
My trees waiting for a change of skin
Restlessly lost leaves in beauty and grace
Long nights darkness screaming into darkness
Echoing and confused in the chaos of dusk and dawn divine.
All hazards of past years knocking on the door
Teasing and weeping from the windows some sneaking in and some was melting away.

Here comes December
Slow motion descent in air
Unannounced arrivals in the cities of lefts and rights
Fusion of hearts with the painkillers
Some having a sound sleep
Some struggling to breathe
Come December ease the pain
Numb the satellites of consciousness
Spring will wake them from preservation
It’s a guilt free passage to the materialistic rooms of disguised.

-Welcoming December in boring November.


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