(here Comes The Bride)


Here comes the bride
all dressed in white

swearing down I do
wants it every night

I took her in the hall
I took her on the stair

Her mother left the house man
I really didn'tcare

We spent four weeks in ecstasy
everything was grand

We tried the karma sutra
I nearly lost my hand

We pawned the cheap ass
wedding gifts
The honeymoon is over

Your going to live with your sister
while I find a brand new lover

The party was a blast
I drank brut champs and wine

I met a babe chillin
Invited her back to mine

We were getting down and dirty
I swear down on my life

a head popped between the covers
here comes the wife

Everythings tits up
Its looking kinda nice

The wifes already naked
and has her in a vice

She threw her out the window
I would give it a ten

I took her in my arms and...
Hugged it out insane

by Levi McCool Strauss

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An interesting piece with a tinge of humour, nicely embellished in poetic rhyme and rhythm. Thanks for sharing Levi.