Here Comes The Underground Steamboat

in dogmatic stillness, since uncle died
he's been traversing the phantom dimensions
from endless skyscrapers to artic edges
through the hailstorms of indignation
but then he met the pondering moor king
lost in abstractions of his cane castle
and blocked his everlasting glance for good
it was then, when mist(er) y girl showed up
eerie and blossomless, just like anathema
and took hillside rambler by the hand
the astonished spectators watched lovesick couple
as they descended to subway of hollow earth
crowded and restless, markedly hectic
everyone thought it's just plain buffoonery
but no one could break the mundane restrictions
and all once for disrobe that badly sewn uniforms
then, the catastrophe - cyclonic catharsis
earthquake caused by the centipede march
sent ones with fiery hearts down the drain
likewise the tin soldier and little Lady
and sentenced them to be lone again

by William Greco

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