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Here Dead We Lie
(26 March 1859 – 30 April 1936 / Worcestershire)

Here Dead We Lie

Poem By Alfred Edward Housman

Here dead we lie
Because we did not choose
To live and shame the land
From which we sprung.

Life, to be sure,
Is nothing much to lose,
But young men think it is,
And we were young.

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I like this. Either the speaker is the shade of a WW1 soldier or, since the dead no longer speak for themselves, the poem is a parody of war epitaphs. The dead speaker, from his perspective of eternity, would know life was a great deal to lose after all (especially since he was young) , and is speaking ironically. Or perhaps they are the words of a government-commissioned poet on the side of a tomb; but then the soldiers are made into liars, glorifying what killed them: 'Here dead we lie'.
death of young regretting tone of life!
He speaks for the young men who died in war and regretted losing their lives because they were young 'Life, to be sure, Is nothing much to lose, But young men think it is', . He is right about this.
I do not believe this comment holds any truth within its lines.
A wonderful poem about those who died in war.