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Swallows Travel To And Fro
ALK (4/6/87 / Bath)

Swallows Travel To And Fro

Poem By Robert Louis Stevenson

You may not know it yet.
But intime you will.
Your duaghters final hour is almost here.
She is going to take her life tonight.
Shes swallowed the pills.

But if you know
If you know what shes about to do.
Hurry go find her you may save her.
The pills can be got out her system.
But once shes jumped off that bridge it'll be to late.

Shes Left you a note.
Do something please do something.
If you dont you may live to regret it.
Shes screaming for your help.

Well now shes done it.
Her final hour has come and gone.
No one could save her.
They didnt protect her from herself.
Time after time she said it would come to this.
But no one would listen.
|Eccept her beloved mum.

Her mum gets the knock on the door the next day.
Im so sorry we have bad news.
The mother says its not my Amy shes in bed.
She runs up the stairs her duaghtes bed is empty.
She lets out a deadly scream.

Off she goes to identofy the body.
Hoping its all a mistake.
But when she sees its her duaghter.
All she can do is breakdown.
It was her duaghter and shes gone.

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