When You Touch My Body

when you touch my body with your trembling hands tonight
i choose to simply close my eyes
too, i am trembling to this passion
this desire i have been waiting
all these years, when we are nothing but
passing glimpses, until one day,

i tell you my name, i touch your lips i caress your hair
and you are awakened
by this kind of love
this total undressing this total nudity
even in tears and untold quiver

in this room, you are with me
there will be silence anticipating
our joys our confessions our opening up

hands to hands and soul to soul
we will be losing ourselves
tonight i am revealing all my skins and longings
i am naked
i am yours.


Comments (2)

loves not like a spider, in it's, woven net to capture another's heart, but then to have regret a heart should not be locked away, never to be free be claimed as your own, and throw away the key love was meant not for eternity, but for this moment in time give your heart freely, feel its rhythm and it rhyme
yeah it sucks when the you love the wrong one. there more than just a thief I think. They steal the one thing that should never be stolen in the first place. you should be able choose who you give your heart to, but it doesn't always work that way I guess.