Here, I Am Pure

You have said
I am crazy.
Oh, yes,
Crazily I am
Searching humanity
In men.
I am taking
The help of
Through poetry
I love all men,
All creatures,
Including trees,
Plants and
Water and air.
I am trying to
Make my life
Active and fair,
With all.
I am living here
With all, my dear.
I wish all welfare.
Yes, I want to
Live like a poet
With all love
And with
All truth.
I am the fruits
Of nectar, dear.
I want peace,
And friendship
With nature.
I am not lying,
I am sure.
See me
With poetry
Here, I am pure.

by Gajanan Mishra

Comments (2)

Crazily I am Searching humanity, great write, thank you for sharing the poem with us
Poetry is here with us, and we are going with humanity