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Here I Come
DW ( / Gray, LA)

Here I Come

Poem By Douglas Williams

Walking through the garden,
taking in the scents.
Pondering where I've been,
and what my life so far has meant.

I look at the decisions I've made,
and the consequences of those.
As the time seems to fade,
I was right, what I chose.

Am I like I want to be?
A question I ask myself often.
Do I see the things I need to see?
And wondering if I'll ever notice them.

I know things will turn out right,
if I only believe they will.
I will not go down without a fight,
as the world turns more real.

From the things I've seen,
and experienced first-hand.
I will know where to lean,
and know when to demand.

I pray that I am ready,
and prepare for the day.
Standing steady,
waiting to say.

Look out world, here I come.

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Comments (1)

Doug, I think the world is ready! Nice write.